A Flood Story

This is a different type of story than the ones I usually share on this blog because this isn’t one I wrote, it’s one I experienced. Last Saturday night I came home to my house looking like a pool. My entire basement was flooded due to some flash thunderstorms in my area. I didn’t know what to do so I immediately searched online for suffolk county plumbers in my area. Luckily I ended up finding Order a Plumber, a local Long Island company that was fully-prepared to handle the job.

They arrived at my house in no time, which was important because I was absolutely FREAKING out. I didn’t know what sort of damage was being done by the water sitting in my basement. Once they arrived they explained the situation to me in clear terms and laid out my options. Once we decided on a course of action they were on their way! In what felt like a flash my basement was beginning to look more like the room I remembered and less like the pool it had become. There’s no underlying moral to this story except for my glowing review of Order a Plumber. If you’re located on Long Island and need a suffolk county plumber the next time shit hits the fan (hopefully not literally), then you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t contact Order a Plumber first. Now let me get back to drying out my belongings…