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A Flood Story

This is a different type of story than the ones I usually share on this blog because this isn’t one I wrote, it’s one I experienced. Last Saturday night I came home to my house looking like a pool. My entire basement was flooded due to some flash thunderstorms in my area. I didn’t know […]



Dark. Dark. The city was dark, but the lights were bright. They told her to jump. Stubborn. On a roof top of an abandoned rundown building a young woman sat down upon the ledge and peered down at the cars and people walking about. The people were more like shadows at this time of the […]


The Life of Duke

Splash! Water separates and swells back into place. Duke is swimming carelessly in the six-foot deep underground pool that Jackie and Brennan built nearly five years ago today. The temperature’s reached 79 degrees, the perfect day to swim. Duke climbs out of the pool and begins to drink some water. All of a sudden Brennan […]