The Life of Duke

Splash! Water separates and swells back into place. Duke is swimming carelessly in the six-foot deep underground pool that Jackie and Brennan built nearly five years ago today. The temperature’s reached 79 degrees, the perfect day to swim. Duke climbs out of the pool and begins to drink some water. All of a sudden Brennan throws a toy over Duke’s way, caught off guard Duke reacts with quick precise motion and catches the toy with his mouth then finally flops in the pool.  Head barely bobs above water, Duke swims to the shallow end of the pool and sits on the stairs entering the pool. Jackie heads toward the steps and graciously sits beside Duke patting his head. He looks up at her and half smiles. Duke, lapping up the sun, sits for a moment before running up the stairs onto the deck. He takes off running around the yard for nearly 35 seconds. Heart beating faster than the horses in the Kentucky Derby he runs to find water.

Frantically gulping down the ice cold refreshing liquid Duke hears the back yard gate open up. He gazes up at Brennan who motions for Duke to follow him. Ecstatic, Duke makes a dash for the gate. Catching up to Brennan they both walk on the side walk at a brisk pace. Brennan’s smile stretches from ear to ear as he brushes Duke’s hair. Duke shakes off the excess water and looks up at Brennan for approval. They both continue to walk, but Duke stops in his tracks and makes a bee line straight to the house. With confusion Brennan then spots Jackie leaving the gate of the house. Duke circles around Jackie three times before walking at her pace. They catch up to Brennan and all begin walking toward the park. The heat from the sun nearly dries Duke’s hair as he shakes the moisture loose one more time.

As they approach the park, Duke is met by Ofelia. Circling each other they both take off into the open terrace of the park. Jackie and Brennan converse subtly with Rob and Mary. A breeze begins to enter the park and the trees begin to shake. Clouds begin to roll in. “Rain was in the forecast today?” Jackie says puzzled. The breeze gets stronger. “Well we do live in Seattle” Rob joked.  “Yup rain nearly every day” commented Mary.

Brennan whistles to Duke and motions him back to the park exit. Trying to beat the oncoming rain, Brennan and Jackie part ways with Rob and Mary. Raindrops kissing their warm skin Duke is still running. A crash of thunder in the distance stops Duke in his tracks. Jackie reminding Brennan of Duke’s fear of thunderstorms Brennan scoops him up and they all power walk back to the house. Drizzles turned into steady rain as they reach the backyard gate. Duke bolts for the back door of the house and waits for Brennan and Jackie to catch up. Brennan reaches the back door first and replies “You beat me!” Duke barks and wags his tail. He pets Duke’s hair and says “You’re the best dog ever Duke!” Jackie finally enters the house and smiles in awe.